Unit 2 P1 Essay

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Recruitment process For any business getting the right staff is crucial to them and for Tesco it is extremely important to them so that they can continue to be a success. Recruiting and retaining the correct staff is crucial to any business and will determine if they are successful. Due to the fierce competition that Tesco have from their competitors so they need to make sure that they attract employ the correct staff so they do not fall behind their competitors. Tesco like any other business need to make sure that they recruit the correct staff so if they are recruiting crew members they will need certain qualities, experience and qualification s this will be indicated in the job specification. An advert can be digital or on paper and it promotes a vacancy at a business and allows people to find out about the vacancy at the organisation which is available. A job advert plays an important role in the recruitment process. The purpose of a job advert is to attract a range of suitable people for to apply for the job. An advert needs to be attractive to the right people and it needs to appeal to potential employees by having different devices such as pictures and colours to look more aesthetically pleasing. It is important that advertisements are designed effectively, in order to attract candidates that are suitable for the job so this is why Tesco has used devices such as the several industries recognised awards on their job advert to attract the right candidates. The Tesco job advert specifies what they are offering and what type of company they and they are trying to attract the right people to apply for the job, techniques such as putting the salary on the advert aces people want to apply for the position because they are able to see how much they will get form working at Tesco. On the advert they have additional information like: benefits, what we look for and

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