Unit 2 P1 Essay

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Identify a job role Job role: job description is a written statement about the job. Company create a job description about the job, what they do, and what their aim of their business. What kind of person the company is looking for that specific job. In the job description explain the job role and what kind of person they are looking for. They describe the requirement of the job in the job description. In the job description it tells the hours of work and how the company is going to pay according to the hours employee work. What kind of skills required for the job and qualification employee need to work for that specific job. It means when the employer advert a new job. They need to describe about the job. They are offering in which department. What they are looking from the person. What kind of quality and qualification they need it from the person. For example if the company need a makeup artist they will defiantly look for someone who is expert and know about that particular area. In the job description it clearly explained about the position in the company. Application form: Form or paper where you can fill your personal detail. What job you are looking, you have to answer the questions. Why you want work with our company. All this information candidate need to fill in about their education, experience and hobbies. You have to fill the application from in capital letter with black pen. Make sure you answer the questions right. This information employer is going to see about your interest and experience. You have to give the answer of all questions which they are asking. It make for the employer easier to know about the employee detail and interest. What they were doing previous. About their work experience and qualification. Candidate need to fill their national insurance number as well. Employer can get to know the skills might that person have.

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