Unit 2 Health And Social Care Essay

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The aims in my report are to research my local area and produce an article on lower schools, years 1, 2 and 3.The article on the early year’s service will include the following points listed below: * How the service and service providers help the clients meet their needs. * How the service can be accessed by others. * How legislations has effects on the service. * What types of barriers which the service users face, how the service providers help the service users overcome the barriers. * How the service providers carry out their day in the health care sector to provide care for the clients.…show more content…
The teacher would then inform the schools child protection sector. If the case needs to be handled with depth the school would contact other agencies such as social services; this will help the child, as the social services would be able to go into more depth than the school. * Pupil support working together with teachers within the client’s school. For example a child is not doing what has been told by the teacher or not behaving, the teacher would contact pupil support and they would deal with the child behaviour. This would help the child to be more sensible. * Learning support help to meet client’s intellectual, social and emotional needs, learning support teacher also help children with their learning. However the clients teacher would have to contact the learning support, to help the clients need. This is another way of services working together. * The NHS health care service- regularly visit the school to provide updates on the children health- they often check the children’s weight and height, the NHS also send nurses for injections. This helps to keep the NHS updated of the children’s progress and enable the children protection from
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