Unit 2 Employment in Uniformed Public Services

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Different Roles required * Protect the realm from all enemies foreign and domestic. * An amphibious force that can act and deploy very quickly in support of military operations. * To protect other countries * To keep the peace * Commando Forces: Very High-Readiness, elite Forces, capable of rapid deployment. * Maritime Security: Providing a unique maritime security capability, expert at ship to ship operations The purpose of the Royal Marines The Royal Marines were traditionally infantrymen aboard warships; they would also secure colonies from attack and act under the instructions of the colony governor. In WW2 a commando Brigade was formed from all the British forces to carry out raids in enemy territory, this role was later taken on solely by the Royal Marines who then became Royal Marine Commandos. In modern times they are a rapidly deployable force, they are also the British Military's Arctic warfare specialists with support from the Royal Engineers, Royal Signals, Royal Artillery etc. and are widely accepted as one of the elite Forces in the British Military. Mission Statement The Company’s mission is to be recognised as the most effective independent forum in the UK Communications and Content industries, actively contributing to the strategic development, success and education of these industries. The legal obligation of the army comes from the Armed Forces Act 2006 (http://www.stationers.org) Organisational objectives Parade Heavy gunner Communication Defend our country - Defend, protect and help its Allies - Provide peace time security - Give aid during disasters - Peacekeeping Dog handler Helicopter pilot Different Roles required The typical role of a police officer is to keep peace and

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