Unit 2 Business Resources M3

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(1.0) Terms of reference In short, am Sumeia Mubarak a consultant at Harrow College. This report is to improve the performance of the college and to improve its standards by using the resources Available. Harrow College is the largest college in harrow Borough, this college was opened in 1999 following a merge with the two campuses it has now. It was rated the 14th best college out of 32 colleges for 16-18 year olds and is 1st for adult education in London.ofsed rated harrow college Good. It has two campuses in north London and it’s a very successful college with the students having a higher national level in the country. There are more than 3,000 full time and 7,000 part time learners in Harrow College. Harrow College is associated with Westminster College and Middlesex University. To sum it up Harrow College is outstanding and…show more content…
Without physical resources Harrow College wouldn’t be able to function since physical resources are buildings and facilities, materials and waste, plant and machinery, equipment’s including i.t, planned maintenance and refurbishment, emergency provision, insurance, security. These are also called fixed capital assets. The premises help the teachers to have a place to teach, an example would be a class room where students learn. The most important part of physical resources is building and facilities to me but security and emergency provision holds a huge part in an organization without emergency equipment’s or emergency procedures test people wouldn’t know what to do when a real fire takes place and without the emergency equipment’s like a fire extinguisher the fire wouldn’t be put off. This wouldn’t just make the college generate a huge loss but they will be bankrupt, who would want to go to a college where it isn’t safe? No one I guess. Harrow College teaches i.t, this subject requires equipment’s such as laptops and computers since I.t is the study of
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