Unit 2 Assignment 2

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NT1210 Unit 2 Assignment 2 1. Computer Network - A computer network or data network is a telecommunications network that allows computers to exchange data. 2. Application - is a program or group of programs designed for end users. 3. Email - messages distributed by electronic means from one computer user to one or more recipients via a network. 4. Voice Call – Call of VOIP 5. Video Frame – In North America 30 frames per second fps is the broadcast standard. 6. Web Server - is a program that, using the client/server model and the World Wide Web's Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP 7. Web Browser - is a software application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web. 8. Web Address - can be defined as an address string containing the access protocol, domain name, and file or resource path which is normally used to specify the address of a web page, 9. Web page - a hypertext document connected to the World Wide Web. 10. Protocol - When computers communicate with each other, there needs to be a common set of rules and instructions that each computer follows. A specific set of communication rules is called a protocol. 11. HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol HTTP is the underlying protocol used by the World Wide. 12. Enterprise Network - connects many types of networks. 13. Link - a ring or loop in a chain. 14. Node - a point at which lines or pathways intersect or branch; a central or connecting point. 15. Internet/the Internet - is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite

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