Unit 2.5 Teaching Asssitant Course

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Section one There are several governors within the school that help to structure the way in which it works, there is a chair of the team who has the final decision, Their role is very important I have noticed in the school I volunteer in that this role is taken by a parent governor, it is her choice to volunteer for this role. It is hard work as well as it can be time consuming, as the role means she has lots of meetings to attend also decisions to make, the chair governor is assisted by the headmaster who is a senior member of the staff and is very involved in the running of the school also a governor. Some of the main roles of the governors is to monitor the standards and progress of the pupils as well as staff they will challenge and support the school leaders with development. They also ensure there is financial regularity. The people that are involved in the uses of the funding of the school are the governors, headmaster and the finance officer who will audit the finances annually. The funding comes from the government but they are not completely in charge of where the money is spent or what on. Section two The role of an educational psychologist is to study the learning processes of pupils. The areas that are focused on are cognitive, behavioural, social and developmental. They will look at the differences between learning and teaching methods as well as they will test certain pupils who show interesting statistics usually low or high grading students. The school I volunteer in have access to an educational psychologist but not on a regular basis. Due to the funding cuts of the current government the school I work at do not have visits from either a speech and language therapist or an educational welfare officer but with the support of all members of staff are able to cope with the roles that these professionals would provide. Roles such as helping

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