Unit 2.2 Safeguarding the Welfare of Children and Young People

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Unit 2.2 Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people 1.1 Safeguarding Legislation and Policy On the following page is a leaflet which identifies national legislation for safeguarding the welfare of children and young people. The leaflet outlines the guidelines and policies put in place solely for the protection of children as well as procedures that are to be followed in the safeguarding and welfare of the young, while describing the roles of the various different agencies involved. My leaflet also outlines the policies and procedures on e-safety. 1.2 Welfare Agencies I have been asked to evaluate the roles of four different agencies that may be involved in the safeguarding of children. Below is a table outlining whether the agency is internal to the school I am currently at or external and independent to my setting. Your own setting | Another setting | Within my setting there is a safeguarding officer and also the SENco who ensure that the welfare of the children is secure. The Safeguarding officer ensures that the necessary criminal checks are carried out before anybody is allowed to work with the children in the school. The safeguarding officer is also the Pastoral lead and in this role is the person who arranges meetings with parents and carers when a child’s welfare needs to be discussed. The SENco enables all children regardless of their ability or development level to make the most of their education and gives them the opportunity to develop within a safe and secure environment even if they are facing difficulties elsewhere. | Outside of my setting there is a number of different agencies who provide safeguarding of the welfare of children. Children’s social care work in partnership with parents and other agencies who might be involved in a case. Children’s social care has the responsibility to make a decision on which course of action

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