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This assignment I will outline the concept of an unequal society, in addition I will include prejudice, stereotype, labelling and discrimination. In today’s society a population of individuals are treated unequally or is an individual contributing to unfair treatment, in which they are treating them differently due to their race, gender, social class, sexuality or beliefs. In addition In the UK there is a major gap between the rich and the poor, society is divided and the rich share together and leave the poor with little stash left over. Also social inequality is also identified as when opportunities, different social position or rewards are unequal. Prejudice is when an individual is judged by aspects which do not relate to them at all. Prejudice is the main trouble of social inequality, in society when a family gains wealth, another will be made poor. And when a group gains power, another group is made below that power. The link between prejudice and stereotype is very similar, when prejudice occurs, stereotyping maybe also becomes a result of it and then this becomes discrimination. When it comes to prejudice many situations are caused by stereotypes. Stereotype is when someone makes an assumption about a group because of their own thoughts on the group. Stereotypes either are positive or negative for example; “Women are warm-hearted” or “All teenagers are bad influences on society”. Stereotypes can lead to false beliefs and views; this can result in both decimation and prejudice. Society categorises individuals into groups based on age, sex and race, this relates to individuals mind set. Everyone is unique with their own skills and abilities, individuals will meet people with different beliefs, cultural backgrounds and physical features. Society needs to understand what prejudice is, it's important and to be able to define words like stereotypes and

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