Unit 19 D1

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Evaluate the team’s overall effectiveness in meeting its objectives, making recommendation for improvements To whom it may concern, I am just writing to you regarding how I feel the teams overall performance and how we achieved the objectives for the day. Although we had only a few weeks to plan the event and had to talk in front of nearly 60 or so people as a team we we’re able to create a fun and exciting day for everyone, being able to give advice and tips on how to improve personal skills and group skills. Everyone was able to give their own opinion from the moment we started organising the event. We went off in smaller informal groups of 2 or 3 on a to focus on a chosen part of the day such as ‘Activities’, ‘Budget’, ‘Presentation’ and ‘Layout Schemes’ and any other smaller parts that needed to be looked over and covered by everyone as a formal group. We made A3 Plans of mind maps and all contributed different ideas of how to make the day memorable and effective for those who participated. The team objectives/goals: * Everyone to contribute a slide for the slideshow presentation * Everyone create at least one team work activity for every group * Set an affordable budget we could all agree on * Listen to everyone * Work out solutions as a team * Stay on track and organised By creating these objectives we were able to enforce and encourage each other on doing the best we can and helping each member make a difference also feel that they are contributing a substantial amount of ideas that were being considered or used in the outcome of the event. I feel that we could have on the day been more organised and relaxed and not have panicked when we felt that something wasn’t working. For instance, we had a problem with the sound on our video when we connected it to the overhead projector, some members of the team panicked and lost all

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