Unit 14 Btec Sport

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Jordan Forrester Unit 14 Assignment 1 P1 M1 Physical Activity: This will affect your health by that it will make you more healthier and improve your cardio vascular system to become stronger and have better fitness levels. The positive affects of this would be that it makes you lose weight and become an overall healthy fit person. A negative affect it can have would be that if you have heart problems whilst running then you would be at risk of a heart attack trying to do a lot of physical activity. Alcohol: Drinking lots of alcohol can have a massive affect on your lifestyle as you would get in with the wrong people and give yourself a bad reputation as a drunk. It can affect your health because drinking too much alcohol can give you liver disease and can kill you if you drink too much of the wrong stuff. Also alcohol is full of calories so going out drinking every night will pile on the calories and can give you a so called beer belly which would not be good if you were an athlete as this would not look good in front of the coaches. Smoking: Smoking all the time can affect your lifestyle as smoking is very costly and if you get addicted then that means you will be constantly wasting money every week on cigarettes to try and feed your addiction. It can effect your health by that it can give you cancer if you are a constant smoker. The tar can get inside the lungs which can give you liver and lung disease and really effect your health badly. It can also make you have yellow teeth and worsen your appearance due to smoking all the time so smoking is one of the major bad ones that can effect your health. Stress: Being stressed all the time can make you do drastic actions and do things which you later on regret. It won’t do you any favours for lifestyle and you would get angry with family and friends which could make you lose your family and friends due to being

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