Unit 13 Understand the Process and Experience of an Individual with Dementia

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Unit 13 Understand the process and experience of Dementia 1.1 Describe a range of causes of the dementia syndrome Dementia is word that describes a group of symptoms such as memory loss, mood changes, confusion and difficulties with day to day tasks. there are four commonly known types of dementia Alzheimer's being the most common. scientists have discovered that with Alzheimer's disease two abnormal proteins build up in the brain they then form clumps which are referred to as 'plaques' or 'tangles' these interfere with how the brain cells work and communicate with one another. these 'plaques' or 'tangles' are usually first found in the part of the brain where new memories are made, so this is why we see short term memory loss occur. Another type of dementia is Vascular dementia this is caused when there is not enough blood flowing through the brain and so essential oxygen and nourishments don't get to the brains cells which causes the brain cells to die. The network of blood vessels that carries blood around the body is called the vascular system. There are a number of different ways that blood vessels in the brain can become damaged leading to vascular dementia these include stokes, this occurs when parts of the brain become damaged because the blood supply to a part of the brain is suddenly cut off, this may cause problems with coordination, speech and sight depending on the part of the brain affected. If a stroke causes memory loss and problems with attention then a person may be diagnosed with post stroke dementia. Subcortical vascular dementia, this is caused by a series of small changes to blood vessels deep inside the brain. A person usually does not notice these changes but they can overtime damage parts of the brain that are important for attention, memory and language. Dementia with Lewy bodies can cause common dementia symptoms these include,

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