Unit 12 Childcare Level 3

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(a) You are to create a report that explains how the market research method selected, the secondary market research and the documentation created (e.g. questionnaires) contributed to meeting the objectives that you set for the market research activity. The explanation should clearly link the methods selected and the documentation used with the objectives of the market research activity. (M3) As stated earlier on in the task, the objectives we had were to plan and implement a market research method in an appropriate format. For this reason, me and my group decided to make and use a questionnaire as our method of research. The questionnaire was going to be used as a means of understanding what activities should be set up by Denbies…show more content…
This was done to ensure that the correct amount of staff is present, and so that the children bring their medication, and if they don’t then they cannot take part in the activities. This was done so that Denbies wouldn’t get sued. The feasibility was shown in the charts, and it showed that the majority of the children were happy to take part in the activities that are going to be set up. This is a good start, as it means that if the activities are set up, it means that children will actually be willing to take part in them and this means they are likely to show up to take part. Also, if the activities are good, it also means that they are also likely to recommend the activities to a friend; which was also shown in the pie chart with a result of: 60% of the children saying that they would recommend us and the activities to a friend. It’s likely that once they experience the full excitement of the activities then they will recommend us more. The results did show however that the activities are very much likely to be enjoyed by the majority of the
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