Unit 113 Essay

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1.1 State occupational health and safety guidelines in relation to using keyboards: The health and safety guidelines under the act ‘The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974’ state that the keyboard should be straight in front and that there is space for your wrists. The symbols on the computer should be easy to read. The company must follow this by law to keep the employers happy. The company most also have a health and safety officer. 1.2 Explain the purpose of following occupational health and safety guidelines for using keyboards: If the workplace is not set up right then there could be health risks. One of the health risks of using a keyboard could be repetive strain injury or sometimes known as RSI. This is caused by the same repetive movement, this can occur if there is no rest space for the wrists. Following the health and safety guidelines mean that employer are happy and people of off on paid sick leave. This means that there is more productivity. 1.3 Describe how to position fingers, wrists, forearms and back in relation to the equipment being used: The position of each of your body parts are important to your health and safety officer because if you develop a back problem or other problems you could sue the company. Having a poor posture because of the sit or sat without straight back could cause long-lasting damage and pain. Not only is the chair important its also the height of chair is important because if the chair is not at the right height view it means that your eyes could also strain. Your fore arms must have space rest or Put your arm out towards the screen. Your fingertips should just about touch the screen Poor posture makes you feel uncomfortable and could cause long-lasting damage and pain. Although you have some control over your posture whilst you work, you will need the right arrangement of a good chair, desk, and VDU to
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