Unit 11 Care for Sick Children

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Unit 11: Care of sick children. E1: Summarise the key factors that influence the health of children today. The lifestyle of the child can be a key factor that could influence the health of children today because if the parents have a unhealthy lifestyle it could affect the lifestyle of the child. If the parents are unhealthy they are not going to think that their children need to have a healthier lifestyle than what they already have. The health and lifestyle of the mother in particular can make an important impact on the child’s future and also the health and lifestyle of the child as they grow. “ For example, according to Kaiser Permanente, when your kids see you eating right and taking care of your body with exercise, they learn that that is normal. The same is true if your kids see you sit on the couch munching potato chips and never exercising, they’re likely to do the same. You can help your kids live healthy lifestyles by leading one yourself.” http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/parents-lifestyles-affect-children-1976.html The parent’s should try to promote a healthy lifestyle for their children if it’s by giving their children healthy food and snacks or even promoting physical activity in their children’s lives even if its spending time doing physical activities with their children or giving them support and spectating their sporting events. This positive attitude could encourage the children to want to do physical activities. Some other key factors that influence the health of children today are:- Living in poverty Second-Hand Smoke. The Mother's knowledge about good nutrition, hygiene and health. How much household Income is available for the child's needs and a stable family environment. Neglect Parental mental health, drug or alcohol issues E2: Describe how immunisation programmes aim to prevent disease in
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