Unit 107 Swot Analysis

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Patrick Barton Unit 107 1.1) Call indicator lamp: a small red light that flashes when you have an incoming call. Program keys: allows you to pick up a call from another colleague phone that is on the system Speaker: a small speaker that the sound is transferred from the headset to make a call that other people can hear Microphone: a small receiver that works the same way as the bottom portion of the headset. 1.2) The main reason for identifying the purpose of a call before you make it is so that you have the correct questions and answers to obtain the information needed accurately. For example one phone call I made whilst at the ALS department at Barnsley College was to determine the date of my first wage payment. To do so I needed to have the right paperwork to hand with all necessary information and know what date I started so I could relay this information to the HR department to find out the date in which I was going to get paid. It also helps prevent bad communication, instead of thinking on the fly you have mental bullet points to work from this helps speech and the speed of your answers improving efficiency 1.3) List of ways to obtain name and numbers of people that need to be communicated: Internal: 1) Email signature 2) Quick address leaflet (a print out of most relevant members of…show more content…
what this means is an outline on how you should structure your phone call you want a beginning middle and an end to a conviction to get the most reliable information possible and to keep up the reputation of the college for example I begin all my conviction when answering the phone by saying “hello ALS this is Patrick speaking how can I help” this gives the department they have rung to make sure it is correct and my name so they know who their speaking to. You must also use manors, such as saying “sorry can you repeat that” if you have not heard them

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