Unit 107 Make and Recieve Telephone Calls

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1.1 My telephone at work has several different features such as, make call, hold call, transfer call and loudspeaker. The make a call feature is so you can make an internal or external call, for internal calls you just type the number of the person you wish to call and for external calls you type a 9 first and then the number. The hold call feature is so that when you are on the phone to someone and you need them to wait whilst you find/do something, you just press the hold button to put them on hold and then press it again to talk to them. To transfer a call that comes to you incorrectly or if you think someone else would be a better person for them to talk to, you press the transfer call button and type the internal number of the person you are transferring them to. The loudspeaker function can be used if more than one person needs to listen to the call, press the button and the sound comes from the speaker instead of the receiver. 1.2 You need to identify the purpose of a call before you make it so that when the phone is answered you sound professional and you can get to the purpose of the call without wasting time. 1.3 You can obtain names and numbers of people for contacting off the Internet if they are businesses or the phone book or by asking colleagues at work who you think may have the number. The names and numbers of patients are stored on the computer at work. 1.4 To make contact with people inside an organisation the is a lift of everyone’s internal numbers on your desk, you just type the number into your phone to call them. To call someone from an outside organisation you press the number 9 on the phone before dialling the number. 1.5 You have to give a positive image of yourself and your organisation when answering the phone to give a good impression of the company to make sure that you don’t lose business. You need to give a good impression of
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