Unit 10 Support for Young People in Abuse

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Nicola Sydorenko 50122883 Health and Social Care Unit 10 P5 Support that can be used for children,young people and their families here abuse is suspected and confirmed. Parents,friends,family should not leave them for all this time,they need them the most now. When a child discloses they are being abuse or you suspect a child is being abused there are a number of ways that you can support them, in the case study jakes behaviour could be showing signs of maltreatment, one of the strategies that could be used are though telling the child they have done the right thing, and that you believe what they are saying, also important not make promises such as 'everything's going to be okay' or saying that you wont keep secrets or not tell other people about what had been disclosed, as this could create false trust and cause the child more distress in the long-term. Protecting Children Housing support services may affect children when they are admitted to services as part of a family unit. Some 16/17 year old vulnerable young people may also use services in their won right when they are homeless. The legislative base for the protection of children is clear, as set out in the Children Northern Ireland Order 1995. The protection measures required from Providers will vary depending on the nature of the service they provide. For example, a refuge or homeless hostel accommodating families with children would have an obligation to ensure their policies and procedures adhere to the Children Order. However the burden of responsibility to care for and protect children in these circumstances still lies with their parents. Conversely, in a hostel that accommodates single homeless people or teenage parents who may be 16/17 years old there would be more stringent requirements and greater responsibility on the Provider to protect these young people. Protecting Vulnerable
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