Unit 1 Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication

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Bon Rogers Diploma 5 UNIT 1: Use and Develop Systems that Promote Communication Communication derives from Latin communicare, which translates into share or make common. This suggests that communication is a process, this process is usually more or less common and involves at least two persons between which communication takes place. It is important to remember that communication is among the most if not the most important part in our profession, or any profession for that matter. It is clear to see what can happen if communication breaks down or messages are not relayed in a clear fashion. Communication comes in many forms and it is important not to miss the point when relaying a message or instruction. The young people we care for deserve and require communication both from us professionally and personally, we might not always have the right form or source of communication but none the less they still need it to keep informed of what is happening around them. Within in my role I will ensure that any barriers to communication are resolved immediately and keep all channels of communication accessible and understandable to avoid confusion or conflict with regards to information or messages being relayed. At times we are required to analyse how we communicate with young people and each other to ensure we are using the right methods. Within my role as a Manager I consistently review the methods and ranges of communication to facilitate a better multi agency organisation, I will also ensure that vital information or key points that we feel will improve the every life of the young people for whom we care are not overlooked. We must work effectively with people, professionals, agencies and organisations to improve the well-being of young people and support positive outcomes. It can be easy to assume that everyone thinks the same however we
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