Unit 1: Understand Child And Young Person Development

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unit 1: Understand Child and Young Person Development Child development means the biological, psychological and emotional changes that happen to humans between birth and the teenage years, from infancy where a baby is a completely dependent helpless newborn to becoming independent at the end of adolescence. The development domains are: physical which is general and motor skills, cognitive looks at creative and imaginative skills, communication refers to language and feelings of children and social, emotional and behavioral skills represent how a child cooperates with others and develops self-esteem and expression. These domains are all importantly connected to one another, as a child develops in one domain, that domain influences and is influenced by another domain of development. For example, a child does not learn the skills to play netball which is a physical skilled domain without having social, communication and cognitive skills as well. The main development of a child ranged between 0-2 years is a period of fast and physical…show more content…
If the child suffers from poor health or on the larger scale such as disability or impairment, this may restrict their development. A child with a medical condition or impairment may not be able to participate in some activities with other children; this may affect physical development but also affect social activities such as playground games. The child’s emotional development may also be affected. It is vital that adults in school work with the parents to provide the best care for the child so they can plan for their care and wellbeing enabling the child to be involved as much as possible into everyday school activities. A child with learning difficulties should be encouraged to develop in all areas to the best of their ability. Working with the parents helps with advice on how to manage their needs while furthering their
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