Unit 1 Pa 310 Cause Of Action

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What possible causes of action can be taken against the Church of Devine Light? In this case where the client is fifteen-year-old Rob Jr., the Church of Devine Light is at fault and will be held responsible for the actions of their employee, Tom Marsden, under strict liability. Rob’s parents, Rob Sr. and Bunny, could file charges against Tom Marsden and the Church of Devine Light for negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and false imprisonment. Tom Marsden intentional used his status with the church and his position with the church to influence and intimidate Rob Jr. into staying with the church. Mr. Marsden also threatened and assaulted Rob Jr. by telling him "If you leave, you will be thrown into the eternal fires of Hell, and you will not be allowed back." The statement made by Mr. Marsden can show attempted assault and battery, there is also the possibility of charging, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress on a fifteen-year old child. Furthermore, Mr. Marsden caused emotional distress on Rob Sr. and Bunny. The church held Rob Jr., against his parents will, and Rob Jr. is still a minor under state laws. Because of the state of mind of Rob Jr., he did not know whom to believe, he was torn between the wraths of hell and his parents. Rob Jr., sincerely believed that he would end up in the ‘eternal fires’ of hell, he felt compelled to stay because he did not want to be thrown in the fires of hell. Because of the brainwashing, Rob Jr. believed Mr. Marsden and decided to stay, which constituted assumed false imprisonment. Because of the confusion caused Rob Jr., by Mr. Marsden, the church held him against his will and the will of his parents. Also, the church did not allow Rob Jr. to see his parents. His parents had to make an excuse just to see the child, which caused severe infliction of emotional distress on

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