Unit 1: Instructor Graded Assignment

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Unit 1: Instructor Graded Assignment Basic Math In this class, you will complete an Instructor Graded Assignment in Units 1-8. These Assignments give you a chance to apply the skills you have learned in the unit so far. You will have a chance to solve problems using a combination of math and internet searching. This unit you will focus on how to find things on the internet that will be relevant to the class in the future. You must post all links you find in your document, as well as the date you find those links. In the event your link is dead when the teacher grades it, you may be asked to provide a new link, so prepare some backup links, just in case. Note: For questions 1 - 7 you need to cite a reliable source, which means you cannot use sites like Wikipedia, Ask.com®, and Yahoo® answers. If you do use those sites the instructor may award 0 points for your response. The Assignment problems must have the work shown at all times. The steps for solving the problems must be explained. Failure to do so could result in your submission being given a 0. If you have any questions about how much work to show, please contact your instructor. Assignments must be submitted as a Microsoft Word® document and uploaded to the Dropbox for Unit 1. Type all answers directly in this Assignment below the question it applies to. All Assignments are due by Tuesday at 11:59 PM ET of the assigned Unit. Basic Internet Searching (6 questions, 5 points each) 1. Using the internet, find a link that will tell you the average price of a gallon of gas for a given time period. http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/gasprices/states/NC.shtml 2. Using the internet, find a website that will show you houses for sale. http://www.zillow.com/ 3. Find a website that shows one how to do fraction to decimal conversions.
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