Unit 1 Describe The Importance Of Meeting Deadlines

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Unit 1: Preparing for an Apprenticeship 1.) Discuss the relevance of each of the components? I should have the qualifications of what the job descriptions says for example by now I should of known how to understand the observation chart, I care etc. on the ward I should know that are the rights and wrong that I should be doing. I’ve been told what I should be doing and not allowed to do. For example when I go in the morning at half 7 we have a handover which is talking about current patients and new patients and why they are here for, once that is finish the nurse in charge will locate me with a nurse to work with., from that I will be told what I am allowed and to do. 2.) Describe how each component will be assessed? All the information about each patient will be assessed in an observation sheet, this is where they take all test of the patient for example they take temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, and oxygen rate. From this they will take…show more content…
The purpose of the apprenticeship agreement is to be agreeing with the employers who employed me for this position to accept their agreement with coming into work on time, finishing any work given on time and given in on time. 4.) Describe the importance of meeting deadlines? It is important to meet deadlines because I don’t have to rush into doing everything all at once, so if I finish what I have been told to do first then I would finish that before I go to do something else. Meeting the deadlines can be time keeping with all my work and keeping my notes organized. 5.) Create targets for own skills development and completion of the apprenticeship? My targets for my own skills that I will set would be giving my work in on time so I don’t have to rush to do it and have a free mind., I also would like to find out about my job role which I will ask . 6.) Discuss the sources of information regarding progression

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