Unit 1 D2 Essay

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Introduction: In this assignment which is a reflective report, I am going to evaluate the factors that influenced my one to one interaction with my partner. My one to one interaction was based on an elderly’s daughter who accused me, a care assistant, of stealing her mother’s hand bag. Her mother was a dementia patient who I look after, so it was understandable why she thought I had taken it. Whilst in conversation with her daughter I was aware of factors that influenced our communication. Miss Bernstein the daughter (my partner) kept on talking extremely loud and fast making her tone of voice seem very aggressive as she was very insistent that I had taken her mother’s hand bag. As a result of this I was unable to calm her down and get my point across because she kept on talking over me. This meant that Argyles Theory of communication could not be practiced because an unfriendly message was being sent and also she was not sending a clear message so I was unable to decode what she was saying and react to it appropriately. I resolved this hindrance in the communication cycle by remaining calm, and speaking slowly with a respectable tone of voice. This influenced my communication positively with my partner because I was able to show professionalism as a health care assistant, by doing this it also made my partner realise that they were overacting. Another factor that influenced my one-to-one interaction was the jargon my partner used. This made it hard for me to understand what she was saying as I was not familiar with the terminology she was using. For example she said to me “you are so jarring” to which I did not know how to reply. This also links to Michael Argyles theory because my partner did not code what she wanted to say, in a way that I was able to understand. To fix the communication cycle I informed my partner that I did not understand what she was
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