Unit 1 Communication in Health and Social Care L2 M2 Essay

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Sharmarke Ilmi ALi 2014 Barriers that prevent effective Communication One To One During my one two one role play, the first barrier that I faced was a physical barrier in the form of a table, first thing that I could do was to move away, but then the problem would be that I would not have easy access to my notes. So what I decided to do was to side adjacent to the table, whistled I face her, this see what was on my notes and at the same time focuses on her The second issue that I had was that she did not speak very good English as well as had some difficulties understanding it this meant that she could not expresses herself that well, which meant that she became frustrated and therefore not willing to speak that much. The third issue was due to that fact that she had a cleft, she was not use to talking and when she did speak she usually try to face away from the person that she I speaking to, so as to make people not stare at her. Another problem was, because she grow up trying not to speak that much she was a bit awkward when she had to speak with other people, this show as itself thought out the whole conversation ,she did not answer using full sentences, more often than not she would single word or a short sentences, Group The first problem we had in the group play was that one off that people did in fact not show up so we had to get some else to replace him , this meant that people had to had to changed their roles so as to make it easier for the new person. There were many issues raised but there was no concrete plans as how we were going to about making those changes, ideas and suggestions were made but with one exception there rest where turn down for one reason or others The biggest issue was that thought the whole play me and one other person said more than the line we memorised, we said other thing, but two people in the group had

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