Unit 1 Business Environment P1 & P2 Essay

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Unit 1: Business Environment Assignment 1 P1: Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of the two contrasting organisations. P2: Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of these contrasting organisations. Introduction In this essay I will select two organisations and describe their purposes, type of ownership and the business sector they belong to. I will also be describing the different stakeholders who influence the purposes of the two contrasting organisations. I have selected Marks & Spencer (M&S) and Oxfam. Brief Description of M&S The founders of M&S are Michael Marks and Phillip Spencer. Mark started off as a sole trader but shortly after launched a partnership with Phillip Spencer, and together they made progress and their business expanded. M&S currently have an international presence in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and North & South America. Business sector of M&S M&S provide a service by selling already manufactured goods to their customers. Therefore they belong to the tertiary sector. This sector is the service sector. The reason that M&S is a tertiary sector organisation is because it is a business that buys items that have already been made and packaged to sell; they also make profit from this. M&S Business Purpose M&S have a main purpose of making profit by providing services and offer great quality groceries, clothes, and food, to consumers etc. They strive for success and are always making improvements on each aspect of the business to satisfy their customers. Customers recognise enhancements so surely the more progress M&S make as a company, the happier the customers are and in turn more profit is made as happy customers tend to come again so all of M&S’s objectives reflect their purpose. Ownership of M&S M&S is a public limited company

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