Unit 1 Assignment Essay

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Unit 1 Assignment 1. The mother of a 6-month-old infant calls the office requesting an appointment for her child. She advises that she thinks the child’s head appears swollen and that there are areas that appear to be bulging. What is your response regarding the appointment. * I will first ask her if the child fell or did something hit himself. Then I will schedule her the appointment that same day so the doctor can see the patient. 2. The mother of a 3-year-old boy calls to report her child had the onset of vomiting and abdominal pain during the night and is now experiencing blood in his urine. She says she just noticed a swelling on his left side toward his back. She requests and appointment. What is your response regarding the appointment? * I would tell her the patient needs to be seen right away. I would schedule the appointments and if the doctor doesn’t have anything available then she will need to take the patient to the hospital 3. The mother of a 15-day-old infant son reports that he started having episodes of vomiting with the emesis “shooting out of his mouth” after feeding. She also reports the infant appears hungry, continues to feed, and has not gained any weight. How do you respond to this call? * I will tell her that she will need to see the doctor regarding the patient not gaining any weight and the feeding 4. Just as the office is closing for the day, a mother calls about her child who just started experiencing signs and symptoms of respiratory distress including hoarseness; fever; a harsh, high-pitched cough; and a funny, high-pitched sound during inspiration. The physician has already left the office for the day. How do you handle this call? * I would tell her the doctor left for the day but she needs to take the patient to the hospital as soon as possible. I will also let her know I will page the

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