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Unit 1 Assignment IT331: Technology Infrastructure Shawn Hofmann It is important to network yourself out in the business world and finding the right fit for you could be a nightmare if you are not familiar with what is available to you. There are so many resources that could be available to you, even free but they are limited and most of the time those resources require a fee. I researched the four associations that were presented to us that are at the professional level of the IT field that we could use to improve our networking with people of the same field of work. I personally am a member of LinkedIn and have a basic plan that they offer and it is very limited on what you can do. The other four associations like the Association of Information Technology Professionals costs you about $105.00 per year and they have the same basic features as LinkedIn, but also have a chance to participate in seminars, workshops and conferences with other IT business people. They also give discounts on products or services as well. The Association for Computing Machinery also has your basic features as LinkedIn and it costs $99.00 per year. ACM has a bit more features than AITP in that they have an extensive digital library and access to their journals and magazines. ACM is also has online books from Safari Books Online, Books24x7, Morgan Kaufmann and Syngress. Network Professional Association is a little bit pricier and it costs $125.00 per year and NPA is very much like the AITP and ACM. TechAmerica is technology companies that create a variety of products and deliver a multitude of services in the private sector and to governments at the state and national level. TechAmerica has similar features as the rest of the networking sites, but also give the opportunity to give their members access to government affairs programs. I can say that these websites do give a

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