Unit 1 Assignment 1 Article Analysis

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Assignment 1: Article Analysis Assignment 1: Article Analysis Crime, crime prevention, and the judicial system are very costly activities for any modern government. The definition of criminal activity has been a point of controversy for hundreds of years in most democratic countries and continues to be a point of contention amongst lawmakers. One point of agreement amid citizens and lawmakers alike is this: the cost of criminal activity and crime prevention costs millions in taxpayer dollars each year. This continuous issue can be seen in numerous news outlets on a daily basis. Just recently the Telegraph Media group in the United Kingdom has reported spending 124 billion euros a year on violent crime. The UK has proposed a new bill to increase funding for violence prevention. The UK Peace Index (UKPI) “provides a comprehensive measure of where the most peaceful and least violent places to live in the Britain are” (Evans, 2013, p. 1). This document allows legislators to hone in one the most at risk areas like Lewisham in south London. “Using figures from the Office for National Statistics and other sources, researchers estimated the economic impact of certain types of violent…show more content…
If resources are allocated properly an effectively run government crime prevention program is invaluable. The cost-benefit analysis suggests that an economic activity should be expanded as long as the results provide more benefits than the overall costs. In both the U.K. and the U.S. the taxpayers are required to foot the bill for an ever-expanding crime prevention program. However, it is safe to assume that most individuals would rather invest in their own personal safety as well as the safety of their communities. A safer society would also see long-term economic benefits such as overall increase in GDP. The long-term benefits to a more efficient crime prevention program are
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