Unit 1 Assignment 1 Essay

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Unit 1, assignment 1, Chapter 1, 2,3,11 NT1430 Troy Jones; David McKee 06/18/14 Chapter 1 Exercises 1, 4 1. Free means open source” Free to down load”; Characteristics are: * Right to copy * Able to modify * Able to redistribute the source code covered by the agreement. 1. GNU is the general public license. When you redistribute the code however, you must also distribute the same license with the code, thereby making the code and the license inseparable. * Linux is an operating system that is put in reach for personal and business computer users. * Linux was born out of UNIX. It was used by researchers as a way to share data and work on projects while still keeping other information private. * Universities and Colleges helped in the development of Linux. * CSRG, Computer Systems Research Group and Bell Laboratories also played roles in the development. * Doug Comer created XINU, Andrew Tanenbaum created MINIX and finally Linus Torvalds created Linux. Chapter 2 Exercise 1 1. The process involves following all the instructions as they are written. Chapter 3 Exercises 1, 4, 8 1. A live session is when you are running Linux on your system without having to install the Linux OS. Advantages are that running a live session will not change anything on your current system. It provides the ability to learn without changing your computers or accidently causing harm to your computer. 4. You should place the /boot partition at the beginning of the disk. 8. When you/system enters into runlevel 5. Chapter 11 Exercises 1, 3, 7 1. In single-user mode only one user can be on the system. In multi-user mode many users can be on the system. 2. su stands for substitute-user. Using the su command allows the user act with all the privileges of the root user. They can read, write and gain access to

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