Unit 1 an Introduction to Working with Children

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E1 There are many different types of settings that provide care and education for children in the local area. One example of this is the statutory sector. The statutory sector provides services that are considered mandatory according to the government and local authorities. Schools are a prime example of one of the services the statutory sector are obligated to provide. These kinds of services are funded by the government or local authorities. Another type of setting is the private sector. Unlike the statutory, the services provided in the private sector are independently run with no help from the government or local authorities. As a result of the services in the private sector being independent, any profit made goes straight to whoever may be in charge of the service provided. The third setting that provides care and education for children is the voluntary sector. This sector is extremely important as it helps those less fortunate than others. The services provided in the voluntary sector are mainly funded by the general public. However, some voluntary organisations have been known to have been funded by the government or local authorities. Barnardos, which is a children’s charity, is a good example of a service provided. E2 The statutory sector supports children by providing education. This broadens children’s minds and gives them knowledge/teachings for the future. Education gives children support that they might not get at home, children sometimes don't have a nice home life. This is also a way to keep them out of trouble. A benefit for the families is that they have free childcare so they can go to work etc. The voluntary sector supports less fortunate families. Barnardos, a children's charity helps less fortunate families. They aid with adoption/fostering and give children without a family, a home and a family. They also support young carers,
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