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Unit 1 Lisa Marsh American InterContinental University Abstract I have an upcoming meeting with my chief executive office and other bosses. I have a lot to present to them because I don’t know if they are aware of these situations and or to make matters worse there have been no instructions on organizational ethical guidelines. The items that must be talked about are first to present as much knowledge as I can about the defective products being sold to customers. Second not being aware of this issue can lead to some serious injuries. Unit 1 In this paper it is my job to present these issues to the CEO, directors, and managers about the specific course of actions I recommend with consideration to the internal actions and customer satisfaction. I don’t just want to stop there I want to present a long term course of actions to keep us on track so this doesn’t happen or affects us again done the line. Something myself and the company must oversea is a possible organizational structure such as possibly adding a team to oversee this function in the company as well as following policy and procedures. First I will effectively present the issue of the potentially defective products to the CEO, directors and managers. Second I will specifically notify the customers of such an occurrence. Thirdly I will come up with some internal actions in order to prevent future problems. Lastly I will come up with something in order to ensure a strong sense of business ethics throughout the entire company. In an effective way I will present the issue of potentially defective products to the CEO, directors, and managers in the following ways. First as an employer for this company it is always better to be honest and to the point, we can look even into our own lives and say only if I was honest the first time. In

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