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Business Research “From small acorns grow great oak trees” To help you put together your own business model, it is a good idea to look at well-known existing ‘for-profit’ businesses to find out who started the business and how it grew to be the success it is today. Identify a British based organisation to research and write a detailed overview explaining the history of the organisation and information about it’s size, location financial performance and any other relevant and interesting information you can find: Name of Organisation | Criteria Covered: Unit 1: P1 Criteria Covered: Unit 1: P1 SPEEDY HIRE | Organisation Overview | In your own words give a brief overview of the organisation you have chosen to research.Remember to include the following information: Speedy hire is an organisation that has been established in the UK as the leading supplier for tools and equipment to companies that need to hire their equipment, and they mainly aim to make a profit from the service that they provide to their customers. The organisation was founded in Wigan in 1977 by John Brown and now operates from over 300 fixed sites - together with a number of on-site facilities at client locations in the UK, Ireland and the Middle East - the company supplies with the head office in Merseyside which is located in the Midlands. At the current time, Speedy Hire is a PLC as it provides its services to companies and organisations all around the UK with over 4,000 employees After my research, I conclude that in the last year, Speedy hire had performing better in the year 2012 – 2013 as I have referenced in the link below. http://www.speedyhire.plc.uk/financial-kpis | Business Sector | Explain which business sector/s your chosen organisation falls into (primary, secondary, tertiary) and why this is the case Speed hire falls under the tertiary sector of the business

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