Unit 1 Essay

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Unit 1: Question 1: People communicate for different reasons such as making friends, meeting new people, when they need something like food or drink. People also communicate for certain reason in order to express emotions such as fear, anger, pain, joy and love. People communicate not just by talking they communicate in different ways such as touch, facial expressions, body movements and dress. There is also written, telephone and electronic messages ways to communicate. At the place I work all the residents communicate in different ways such as this one lady she don’t talk much so when it’s time to feed her I explain to her what I’m going to do such as help feed her and to ask her if she can open her mouth the only way she will communicate with me is by nodding her head or smiling at me. My job as a care assistant is very important because I need to understand how residents prefer how to communicate and the more I know about how residents prefer to communicate helps build better relationships between us. Question 2: Communication at work is very important as it affects the residents because I have to communicate with them all time as well as their family, staff, and other professionals such as doctors, district nurses, and physiotherapists. At the place I work the residents I work with suffer from dementia so they communicate in different ways which means it makes it difficult to understand what they want or need. At the beginning of the shift all staff have a report about each resident so we all know what to do and expect for example if we didn’t have a report before each shift we wouldn’t know if a resident was too ill to get up and needed to stay in bed for the doctor to visit. With good communication the work will be done properly and prevents misunderstanding and all staff can be kept up to date on how the residents are feeling. Question 3: It is very

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