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Unit 1 DB Cheri Archer This is my example I’m a rookie officer assigned to a training officer for six months of my employment. The training officer is a 20-year veteran that is a close friend of the Assistant Chief of Police and the brother-in-law of the Watch Commander. On the third day of work with him we respond to a burglary call at the local convenience store, at 2:30am the store manager has been called. We were told to wait 30-35 minutes for him to come. As we wait I observe my partner take a soda, candy, and a bag of chips. He eats it all before the manager arrives then we leave. Even if I am a rookie officer I know it is wrong to steal anything. Some police officers take their job for granted and they think the law does not apply to them. The first thing I would do is to ask him why he did not pay for the stuff he took. By being on the force for 20 years he should know all the ethical behavior that is needed for the job. If I do not like his answer I will go tell the chief and if nothing is done I will take it over his head. If I did that I would be fired or disciplined some kind of way. The consequences of his role, responsibilities, and powers reports the corruption in polices services are very disturbing because it is too close to abusing the power and privileges. The police officers are accountable to society for their actions. (Loree) The potential positive consequences could be he might have wanted to get caught and could have been taking from the store for awhile. Consequentiality believes they should have the right to get what they need at any time. (Williams & Arrigo, 2008) References Lorree, D (n.d.). Corruption in policing: causes and consequences a review of literature. Retrieved from http://dspace.cigilibrary.org/jspui/ William, C. R., & Arrigo, B. A. (2008). Ethics, crime and criminal justice. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice

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