Unit 075 Essay

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Unit 075 1] Explain the pattern of development in the first three years of life and the skills typically acquired at each stage. Age | Pattern of Development | Skills Acquired | Birth | Swallowing and sucking reflexes (these ensure that the baby can feed and swallow milk). Rooting Reflex- The baby will move its head to look for a nipple or teat if its cheek or mouth is touched. (This helps the baby to find milk). Grasp Reflex- Babies will automatically put their fingers around an object that has touched the palm of their hand. Startle Reflex- When babies hear a sudden sound or see a sudden bright light, they will react by moving their arms outwards and clenching their fists. Walking/Standing Reflex- When babies are held upright with their feet on a firm surface, they usually make stepping movements. Falling Reflex- This is known as the 'Moro Reflex'. Babies will stretch out their arms suddenly and then clasp them inwards in any situations in which they feel that they are falling. | Fine motor skills. Manipulative skills. | 1Month | Babies stop crying because they hear a familiar voice. Babies stop crying as they are picked up but start crying when they are put down. Babies start to relax at bath time or when their nappies are being changed. Fleeting smiles when asleep (smiles of contentment begin from five or six weeks). Babies coo when contented (from around five or six weeks). | | 3 Months | Babies smile back when they see a smiling face. Excitement when it's time to be fed. Interest in playing with fingers. Enjoyment of bath time. Babies lift and turn their heads. Babies start to notice mobiles and other objects around them. | | 6 Months | Smiles of delight when they are playing with their primary carers. Enjoyment when
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