Unit 070 Promoting Wellbeing

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Unit 070 Promoting Wellbeing. 1. Identify the factors that impact on outcomes and life chances for children and young people. Life chances and outcomes of a young person are largely affected by the opportunities and input afforded to them by their parents, directly and indirectly, throughout childhood. These factors include socio-economic characteristics, such as, parental income, socio-economic status and parental education. Other factors include, parental behaviour and aspirations, the quality of pre-school and primary education, whilst the home learning environment has been shown to have the strongest impact on children’s development, counteracting some negative affects of social deprivation. This can be seen in some ethnic minority groups where, although social deprivation is high, children have a high education achievement rate. This can possibly be attributed to ethnic minority groups having high aspirations for their children, and through parents promoting an environment that is conducive to learning and positive development within the home. Other minority groups are similarly disadvantaged through childhood, including those with a disability. Research has shown that disabled people are more likely to live in poverty and less likely to have educational qualifications, even though they have similar aspirations than a peer with no disability. Whilst educational development has a large impact on the development of young people, impacting on their outcomes and life chances, social skills are also imperative in promoting wellbeing in a child’s life, and subsequently, adulthood. Children’s social development can be measured through various criteria, including attention, co-operation, sociability, openness, pro-social behaviour and self regulation. Positive development in these areas has been shown to promote educational attainment through to adulthood,

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