Unit 052 Engage in Personal Development in Health, Social Care or Children's Setting Essay

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Unit 052 Engage In Personal Development in Health, Social Care Or Children’s And Young People’s Settings Outcome 1 A residential care worker main aims are to provide care, protection and support to children and young people through facilitating their physical, emotional, psychological and developmental needs in line with their individual care plans. This will be achieved by being responsible for assisting in the promotion of good childcare practice, in accordance with Departmental policy and procedure, will provide care for young people in residence, participating in the assessment of their needs and the implementation of plans for their future. This will entail providing for the personal needs of young people in co-operation with other team members, liaising with relatives, other significant people and outside agencies, forming relationships with Young People which will facilitate the care and assessment process and encourage them to participate fully in the opportunities offered by the Home, participating in the formal assessment process, providing oral and written contributions to reports where appropriate Keeping up to date with the developments in theory and practice of childcare. 1.2 All employees at Bright futures are aware of what is expected of them with in the working environment in order to fulfil their roles to the highest standard in order to give the children and young people an outstanding standard of care. Every staff member has access to an employee handbook which sets out everything have policies and procedures, these abide by the law and the National Minimum Standards in which can be found within OFSTED's website. Policies and procedures are there to protect staff and enable people to work within the law, without any confusion, this is to not only protect the staff but also the children/ young people . Outcome 2 All staff member have a

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