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Unit 027 Outcome 1. 1.1 Before admitting children to an area of the nursery a member of staff fills out a risk assessment form. This form asks the following questions: Is the room clean and tidy All fire exits are clear and accessable. Unlock emergency exits. Are the toys clean and are there any broken toys. Are the windows and doors lockable and in working order. Are there any general safety issues in the room. Any concerns should be reported to the manager or senior carer. This risk assessment is carried out AM and PM each day and the check list is kept in the risk assessment folder in each room. For outdoor play staff should: Ensure the area is clean and tidy. There is no broken or damaged apparatus or toys. Check the stability of large play equipment. That any gates/doors leading from the area are secured but in working order (fire exits). Any concerns should be reported to the manager or senior carer. Before the children enter the outside area staff should: Check they are appropriately dressed for the weather. This means sun screen and hat in summer and warm clothes and coat in winter. Staff will position themselves around the play area to ensure adequate supervision of all areas at all times. A staff member will need to directly supervise any children using climbing apparatus. Staff ratios of 1 adult to 3 children (0-2), 1 adult to 4 children (2-3), 1 adult to 8 children (3-5) are followed at all times. 1.2 The Early Years Foundation Stage framework. (EYFS) is followed and the nursery undertake to “Provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment....” for all children in its care. Daily routines are in place to ensure a safe environment and all nursery staff are required to be trained in these routines. Mandatory training covering any aspect of an employee’s role is to be provided by the employer. Some training such as ISA or Fire
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