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Unit 022 Understan Child and Young Person Development Essay

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  • on November 19, 2012
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Unit 022 Understand child and young person development

      Explain the secuance and rate of each aspect of development from birth-19 years

Age     | Aspects of Physical development     |
Birth - 1yrs     | Reflexes such as, swallowing and sucking, grasp, rooting eg moving head to find teat or nipple if the babies mouth or cheek is touched, this enables the child to find its milk.   The baby gets less startled and more alert. The baby starts to lift and turn their heads. The baby starts to balance on their front lifting both hands and feet in the air. The baby is able to grab toys. The baby can use its fingers to feed. On the verge of walking     |
1-3yrs     | Standing up and holding on to furniture. Begin to find their feet/walking. Sitting and pushing off using their legs on sit and ride toys. Running and climbing around obsticles. Pedalling a tricycle or pushingit along with their feet. Walking up stairs using alternative feet.     |
3-5yrs     | Good use of hands when carrying out tricky activaties such as, threading beads, pouring and use of scissors. Able to dress themselves. Toilet trained.     |
5-7yrs     | Ability to control and kick a ball. Improved handwrititing and fine manipulative movements.   These years dont show many physical development changes. Instead , children gain other aspects, such as, confidence, coordination and the ability to socialise.     |
7-12yrs     | Drawing and writing are neater. Cutting out is more acurate. Continue to grow in height. More able to do things quickly, confidently and acuratly when carrying out   both fine and large movements.     |
12-19yrs     | Growth and changes to their body. Puberty. (Girls around 11yrs, while boys may not start until they are13 or 14years). By around 15/16 girls will have finished becoming a woman. Start to explore their own identity. Occasional poor spatiel awarness. Romantic relationships.     |


Age     | Aspects of...

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