Unit 009 Safeguarding

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009: safeguarding There are a lot of legal and regular requirements that help us to protect children and also adults in any setting. Early years foundation stage with statutory framework covers every aspect of the welfare of children in all early years settings, including.. .Safeguarding .suitable people .suitable premises and equipment .organisation .documentation England, Wales, Scotland and North Ireland all have a different version frame work. There is an inspection that takes place for each country and that will check different settings of frameworks such as.. .Ofsted England .HMle in Scotland .ESTYN in wales .The ETI in north Ireland In addition to the early years Frameworks, health and safety legislation sets out legal requirements to keep…show more content…
| Children under 12 must not use an adult seat belt in the front seat. | Control of substances COSHH regulations 2006 | Clear labelling. Such as [danger substances, wet floor etc.] in work and public places. | The labelling of the hazardous substances. | Reporting of injuries, diseases, and dangerous occurrences regulations RIDDOR 1995 | Reporting of injuries or any kind of accident in work and public places. | | Childcare act 2006 | Standards for all care settings, including ratios of staff to children. | | Smoking ban UK wide indoor public places July 1st 2007 | Smoking in public places and work places of employment must be banned | EFYS also states no smoking in any sort of work place with children. | Food hygiene legislation 2006 | Make sure all foods are stored in a safe clean place, and also preparation of foods. | Anyone involved in handling food must have a food qualification. | Manual handling operations regulations 1922 | Safe lifting of [toys] equipment and also children. |
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