Unique Styles of Imaginations Essay

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Spring and All is a unique book of poems written by William Carlos Williams. Through this book of poetry, Williams' expresses multiple images which derive different feelings and thoughts. Williams has an interesting technique to engage his readers with the thoughts he has. This paper will analyze how William Carlos Williams expresses his imagination through three of his poems while creating unique images. Williams is compared with another poet, Allen Ginsberg, and the technique he uses expresses his thoughts of imagination through two of his famous poems. Spring and All is a short manifesto which intricately creates images to reveal the power of imagination. Williams’ manifesto also allows readers to dive into a psychological thought creating the feeling as if they’re grasped inside the book. The meaning of each poem has a distinguishing formation where it allows a reader to imagine themselves as specific character. Through the free verse poems, Williams proves as one of the few poets who can create such an adventure for the readers. Williams begins Spring and All with a recognizable set of impressions which become a quickened vision shared by his readers, through his use of imagination. Williams' takes his audience through different and extraordinary feelings intensifying their imagination. The word imagination has a fascinating meaning to it; the act of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses perceived in reality. Williams', a student of American poetry, directly connects his poems with modernism and imagism, writing his poems using different techniques to present his imagination. The first poem in the book that the William presents to his readers uses a great deal of imagination. " By the road to the contagious hospital under the surge of the blue mottled clouds driven from...Still, the profound change has come upon time: rooted they
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