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UNIQLO Question 1 Uniqlo should adopt to collect important for the formulation idea-marketing plan in view of highly competitive. Marketing plan in view of highly competitive. Uniqlo Strengthen: Uniqlo is currently positioned as Japan first one casual Wear brand as their clothing wide range of products for both male and female. Uniqlo has a lot of skilled workforce; their staff has really well train before they go to the work place, so the great service attitude will provided by all the worker, They had an existing distribution and sales networks to selling the clothing therefore, their sales volume will have a high growth rate. Uniqlo has a strong branding which the product provides for all ages consumers and to provide fashionable, high quality and reasonable price of casual clothes, fashionable, fine texture. Uniqlo weakness: Uniqlo weak sales when the seasons are changing particularly in summer and spring, therefore the sales benefits would decrease. Moreover, the high loan rates are possible since the brand is the top leader of the fashion clothing. Uniqlo Opportunity: Since the growing economy and global markets, consumer income level is at a constant increase, more and more consumers prefer to purchase clothing in high quality. However, the different country consumer is growing for the great clothing demand therefore, Uniqlo can develop the new markets and new acquisitions. Uniqlo Threat: More and more international competitor in the market such as: H&M, ZARA and GAP. It wills loss some sales benefits and intensive competition with those competitor so will low in market share. Also, it difficulty of obtain more market share due to competition from those competitors which has established in earlier. The success factor: since the brand creates strong local teams in some of overseas businesses the top management ranks are filled almost entirely with

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