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Richard Buschel Kelly Wisdom ENG 111-4D April 20, 2011 Union vs. Non-Union In 2009, 16.9 million wage and salary workers were represented by a union; therefore, the majority of workers in the United States are non-union or an “employee at will”. Ask why do the CEO(s) and Executives work under a contract that guarantees their working conditions and non-union workers don’t? Also there is a full out assault on Public Sector Unions by Republican controlled States backed by anti-union and anti-worker billionaires. A union worker has more protection, more rights, and more security than a non-union worker. Job protections in a union contract are identified as scope language; these items define what work is legal and what the company can contract out. For example, at US Airways back in 2004, the airline decided to contract out the overhaul of ten airplanes. Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement is legally protected work and not vendors. The employees’ union at the time went to court and got a Temporary Restraining Order to stop the work, and then it was remanded to arbitration. The outcome of the case was the company violated the union contract and the workers had to be paid and the work brought back in-house. If an employee were “at will”, the company…show more content…
So, if non-union workers want the same protections as a unionized worker, contact a union that represents workers in the same industry and see how the process of becoming a union worker can begin and enjoy the benefits of working under a contract. Works Cited "Union Members Summary." U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Department of Labor, 11 Jan. 2011. Web. 04 May 2011. Isakoff, Michael. "Walker in Prank Call: 'This Is Our Moment'" First Read. 23 Feb. 2011. Web. 04 May

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