Uninsured Health Care

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Accessibility to healthcare in the United States has been a formidable foe for as long as I can remember. The increase in medical cost over the last eight years is so pervasive that it underlies two very different crises. First is the plight of Medicaid, which is a program that is under both political and fiscal attack. Second is the catastrophe also known as employer based insurance. This has caused the number of uninsured to grow at an exorbitant rate Some 16 years ago, Bill Clinton was elected president, partly on the premise that he was going to curb the rising health care cost. Although I was only 11 years old at the time, I can remember my parents being swayed in his direction by these promises of reform. Clinton’s efforts were somewhat…show more content…
Those without a way to pay for care have limited access to medical resources, leaving their untreated conditions to become highly volatile, which leads to my next statistic. “Lack of insurance is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States. This leaves me with the following questions Can Medicaid be redesigned to cover non-categorical poor adults? What lessons can be learned from states’ efforts to cover the uninsured through Medicaid expansions? What are the challenges they have faced and are likely to face in the current economic climate? Can private insurance fill the void? I can answer all of these questions with the implementation of one phrase Single Payer Heath…show more content…
Countries, such as Canada have already implored universal or single payer health care systems with much success. With a single payer system, states like California could establish a health insurance plan that covers all residents. The plan would replace all other health insurance plans, private or public. This plan would be financed by a State Health Agency with local county branches. The financing for this program would come from a created state health taxes and federal monies that are already given to programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid and in California’s case Medi-Cal. Consolidation of all previously stated would save the state billions of dollars and better yet everyone has a doctor and gets preventative care, this also would save billions of dollars which could in turn be used toward our resounding state

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