Uninsured Americans Essay

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Uninsured and Underinsured Americans Raquel Nichols HCA 305: The United States Health Care System Tara Student August 3, 2013 Uninsured and Underinsured Americans Someone once informed me that they came to America for better opportunities while this may be true in some cases I have to wonder if it is true when it comes to healthcare. There are millions of Americans that are either uninsured or underinsured in the United States both of these types of individuals are in financial strain trying to pay for medical services. While our government does try and provide insurance for those that cannot afford it there are guidelines that you must meet therefore they will not insure everyone. Did I mention that although the government helps millions of people each year that they themselves are going broke? I would also like to mention that there are hospitals that are now struggling to stay in business because so many people come in without the intent of paying their medical bills and because of this the hospital often loses money and in losing money they are unable to buy the equipment that they need for other individuals. To be blunt out healthcare system is a severely broken and we need to fix it. We all know several people that are without insurance, but let’s find out approximately how many people are currently uninsured and underinsured. David Singer (2008) mentions that there are 47 million Americans lacking health insurance, 108 million without dental insurance and another 20 million Americans are underinsured. We must remember that healthcare is an American right, but here in America is it a privilege. Basically, it has come to the point where you must choose what is more important paying your bills or having health insurance. If someone is without health insurance it can and will affect their overall health. When I worked in a physician’s office I saw

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