Uniforms In Schools Essay

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Due to the requirements of most private schools and the belief that students need to look alike to achieve all they can achieve some educators believe public schools should set a new policy for students to wear uniforms. More and more school are beginning to debate about using uniforms. Public schools should absolutely not implement uniforms. The people that are for requiring uniforms in public schools believe in this because the students would gain confidence and motivation in school. This is not true because, uniforms restrict personal freedoms, they are expensive, and students usually rebel when they are restricted of choices. This is why public high school should not require students to wear uniforms. Everyone has a choice to do what they want. What makes America so great is we are free to make our own decisions and choices as whole. When dressing for school in the morning, most students like to have their own personal style. They like to incorporate pieces that reflect how they feel that day. With a uniform policy, it is difficult to express yourself because it limits personal style choices. Most private schools that do use uniforms also do not allow things such as necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories. Students need to be different; this is why only a select few high schools have the policy for uniforms because most students do not want to be told what they can and can’t wear. Another reason why uniforms in public schools is a bad idea would be the schools and parents well being. In today’s way of life the students aren’t up to new changes that effect their future and personality. The uniforms are expensive and can be costly to big families. The average pants and shirt uniform cost is $40 + dollars. Various schools have the students order uniforms form them directly which would get even more costly due to extra fees, especially when you have to get

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