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Jordan Francis English 1100 Reflection Essay September 29, 2012 Uniform of the Air Force Air Force uniforms are neat, attractive and perfectly designed to impressively show off the Airmen that fight for our country. Those who wear the uniform demonstrate great pride. My Granddad is one of those people that represent the uniform with twenty-eight years of experience and service to his country. When my Granddad wears his uniform, it represents a bigger idea than business attire or a tuxedo; it represents honor, loyalty, discipline, respect and leadership. The Air Force formal uniform or “Blues” that my Granddad wears is never hard to miss when worn; it has many accolades and ribbons that represent many achievements in his career in the Air Force. His rank is shown on the shoulders and the collar with silver coloring and catches the eye of anyone that looks their way. The long sleeve button-down shirt is sky blue with a blue tie that is neatly clipped to the button-down. The shirt is tucked into the blue pants with a silver belt buckle that shimmers in the light. Lastly, the shoes are black leather that are always polished and in perfect condition. This uniform is a reflection of the many qualities of the Airmen that wear it. The meaning of this uniform to me is excellence; it will show that I have gone through many trials and persevered to be where I am today. I want to be in the shoes of the Air Force Blues and have my turn in representing the uniform with pride and be known as a great leader and pilot in the Air Force. When I would stay at my Grandparents house as a child, I always remember playing with an F-18 toy jet. It caught my attention every time and I thought of myself being in the toy plane if it were real and what I would experience in the cockpit seat. My new interest was planes and soon, I knew I would want to make it my career. The experience of

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