Uni Statement Essay

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The qualities that are needed in relation to a career in this business field are strong interpersonal skills, organization, punctuality, strategic thinking, decision making, problem solving, multi-tasking, the ability to show attention to detail and confident assisting skills. I am interested in this course and my reason to continue my studies in business, is to broaden my perspective of this area as it will help guide me into a specialist’s career. The attributes I am expecting to gain from this course, is by learning business industry guidelines through lessons in the course of the planning approaches and managerial organization. I am also aware that there will be sessions in advertising and promotion as well as economics in finance. I understand the various studies and projects that I will be learning in this course, which will prepare me for the next deciding field in the business world. I would really value the academic and realistic approach this course would give me in the broader perspective of the business world. In order to develop my skills as an individual, it would truly assist me in the expertise I require for the workforce. My goal is to start off as an Administrator or supervisor and later, maybe branch off into Management or an Executive level. My recent completion in Certificate IV in Business Administration and Double Diploma of Business Administration and Management, which I accomplished at Victoria University, highlights the knowledge, skills and experience necessary for a successful career as a qualified Administrative Assistant. I have also achieved practical experience by working at RAMS Home Loan and work experience from ABEX institute, while I was still completing high school. The knowledge and skills I gained from these practices were networking, communication within teams and externally, responsibility and balancing

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