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Unhappy Triad Unhappy Triad, also referred to as O’Donoghue’s Unhappy Triad or the Terrible Triad, is an injury that occurs to the knee in which three structures are damaged the anterior cruciate ligament, the medial collateral ligament, and the medial meniscus. It occurs when a lateral force to the knee is applied while the foot is fixed on the ground. Immediate signs of this injury are swelling and severe pain also there is usually bruising and a feeling of instability or like your knee will give out. The ACL tear is the most significant of the three injuries because it leaves the knee unstable. The ACL tear requires surgery and take months to recover. Without the ACL, the knee loses its ability to maintain normal functions. The medial meniscus is the second structure damaged. The meniscus receives little blood supply and is slow to heal which is why it is usually surgically repaired along with the ACL. Most of the time a lateral meniscus tear occurs instead of a medial meniscus tear. Also when an acute tear of the medial meniscus occurs the lateral meniscus presents a tear as well. There are different types of meniscus tears depending on how they torn and look such as degenerative, bucket handle, parrot’s beak, flap, and radial. The MCL makes up the triad for this injury and out of the three injuries it is the least problematic because it doesn’t require surgery. The tear however does cause pain, swelling, decreased ROM, and some instability. It takes the longest to heal typically six to nine months depending on the severity. Treatment requires surgery where there is a reconstruction of the ACL in which the patellar tendon is used to recreate a new ACL and the meniscus tear is removed. Even after surgery many of the patients still have to undergo weeks of physical therapy and use a knee brace to stabilize and reduce pain. It will take about a year

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